Left Center Field CD

Track 1: Left Center Field

Colonized CD

Track 1: A Song For Our Children

Colonized CD

Track 1: My Motherís Front Window
Track 2: New Orleans Flower Child
Track 3: You Are My Sunshine
Track 4: Catch The Wind
Track 5: After Youíve Gone
Track 6: Marty Okie-≠Acoustic Announcer Man
Track 7: New, New Lakewood Blues
Track 8: Fishiní Blues
Track 9: Hesitation Blues
Track 10: Me & Bobby McGhee
Track 11: Billy (Mr. Stress Tribute)
Track 12: Hoop
Track 13: Let The Train Blow The Whistle (For Jesse Kramer)

Colonized CD

Track 1: Marty Okie-≠Announcer Man
Track 2: Iím The One
Track 3: Bring It On Home To Me
Track 4: Who Told You
Track 5: Thatís Alright/Early in the Morning/Someone Else is Steppiníin
Track 6: Hoodoo Voodoo
Track 7: Copperhead Road
Track 8: Wagon Wheel
Track 9: Star of the County Down
Track 10: Iím On Fire
Track 11: Tupelo Honey/Girl From the North Country
Track 12: The Scotsman

Colonized CD

Track 1: Rocky Mountain Way
Track 2: Hey, Hey What Can I Do
Track 3: Into The Mystic
Track 4: Maggie May
Track 5: For What It's Worth
Track 6: I Can See For Miles
Track 7: Midnight Special
Track 8: Good Times, Bad Times
Track 9: Can't You Hear Me Knocking
Track 10: Midnight Hour
Track 11: I Can't Explain
Track 12: Takin' Care of Business
Track 13: Ain't Superstitious
Track 14: Mightnight Rambler

Colonized CD

Track 1: Willin'
Track 2: Maybelline
Track 3: Boom Boom
Track 4: Angel from Montgomery
Track 5: Deep Elem Blues
Track 6: Powderfinger
Track 7: Oreo Cookie Blues
Track 8: Paradise
Track 9: Ain't No Sunshine
Track 10: Mama Tried
Track 11: Sundown
Track 12: Three Little Birds
Track 13: Scooby Doo
Track 14: Trailer Park Intro
Track 15: Trailer Park Love
Track 16:
Close the Door Lightly

Colonized CD Track 1: Prodigal Son
Track 2: House of The Rising Sun
Track 3: You Ain't Going Nowhere
Track 4: Little Chicken Wing Girl
Track 5: Big River
Track 6: Wild Night
Track 7: Ballad Of Me 'n Opie
Track 8: Good Booty & BBQ
Track 9: Dead Skunk
Colonized CD

Track 1: Hallelujah
Track 2: And It Stoned Me
Track 3: I Ain't Got You
Track 4: She Just Wants to Dance / I'm in Love Again
Track 5: Someone Like You
Track 6: I Can't Hold Out / You Gotta Fix It
Track 7: Help Me
Track 8: Driving Wheel
Track 9: Stealin'
Track 10: Long Black Veil
Track 11: She Caught the Katy
Track 12: Jambalaya / Goodnight Irene
Track 13: I Ain't Drunk

LIVE at Main Street Cafe Disc 1
Track 1: Bright Side of the Road/Uptight/Fire medley
Track 2: Sally McClennane
Track 3: Dead Skunk
Track 4: Sittin's at a Bar
Track 5: Little Chicken Wing Girl
Track 6: Ballad of Me 'n Opie
Track 7: Stay All Night, Stay a Little Longer
Track 8: Plastic, Fantastic, Inflatable, Dateable Girl
Track 9: Guilty
Track 10: Deep Down I Had a Bad Feeling/Thrill is Gone
Double CD!

Disc 2
Track 1: Good Booty & BBQ/Simultaneous/I Just Want To Make Love To You
Track 2: Fire & Rain
Track 3: Tidioute, Pennsylvania
Track 4: 18 Wheels, Dust & Diesel
Track 5: Love in Vain
Track 6: I'm so Lonesome I Could Cry
Track 7: Checking Up On My Baby
Track 8: Bring It On Home To Me/Sea of Love
Track 9: Hallelujah!

Release Date: December 3, 2005

Track 1: Blues for Robert Lockwood Jr.
Track 2: At Last
Track 3: Sitting at a Bar
Track 4: Disclaimer
Track 5: City of New Orleans-2005
Track 6: Barbara Bush quote
Track 7: Let the Good Times Roll/ Hey Bartender
Track 8: Guilty
Track 9: Loch Lomond
Track 10: Don't Get Around Much Anymore
Track 11: Rocky top
Track 12: Georgia (tribute to Ray Charles)
Track 13: Story of Loch Lomond


Release Date: November, 2004
Track 1: Robo Intro/Fire & Rain
Track 2: Good Booty & Barbeque
Track 3: Little Chicken Wing Girl
Track 4: Tidioute, Pennsylvania (revisted)
Track 5: Ballad of Me'n Opie
Track 6: Running About 50 Out of Tuscon (Dialogue)
Track 7: 18 Wheels, Dust & Diesel
Track 8: Plastic, Fantastic (Inflatable, Dateable Girl)
Track 9: Crazy Love
Track 10: If I Give My Soul
Track 11: Amazing Grace
Track 12: It's All Over Now, Baby Blues
Track 13: Leona
Track 14: Ready For the Times to Get Better

Release Date: August 14, 2004






Track 1: Fire & Rain
Track 2: Good Booty & Barbeque
Track 3: Tidioute, Pennsylvania (revisted)
Track 4: Walking By Myself
Track 5: Little Chicken Wing Girl
Track 6: T-Bone Shuffle
Track 7: I Am a Blues Man
Track 8: Working Blues Band
Track 9: Four Word Five Letter Blues
Track 10: 18 Wheels, Dust & Diesel
Track 11: Can't Get You Off of My Mind
Track 12: You Don't Love Me/Hip Shake Boogie
Track 13: Look Over Yonder's Wall
Track 14: I'm the One







Track 1: Working Blues Band
Track 2: Four Word Five Letter Blues
Track 3: 18 Wheels, Dust & Diesel
Track 4: Can't Get You Off of My Mind
Track 5: Friends & Lovers
Track 6: When I Met You Baby
Track 7: Those Were The Times
Track 8: Howard Stern's FCC Blues
Track 9: House of the Rising Sun
Track 10: Travelin' Music
Track 11: Can't Get You Off of My Mind Blues
Track 12: Messin' With the Kid
Track 13: Blues For Willie
Track 14: Old Hulks