Artie Dussault / Audi Badoo

Colin's Father Artie was an accomplished bass player and member of several popular and successful Cleveland area bands including The Crawling Group, United Artists Recording group Audi Badoo and Springwheel. Audi Badoo was a group that emerged after two local bands split up and merged. Former members of the Tree Stumps (which at one time featured Michael Gee, later know as Michael Stanley) and former members of the Blackwelles joined together and formed Audi Badoo and later Springwheel.

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Artie Dussault
Rob Jankowski

Jim Foley

Ginny Nims
Danny McCarthy
Ron Jankowski
The Blackwelles
The Blackwelles
Audi Badoo in Concert
 PB292933Audi Badoo Record label promo photo
1966 Blackwelles flyer

1967 Blackwelles flyer
Audi Badoo 45rpm single
Blackwelles ascetate record
Springwheel LP
Springwheel LP
Springwheel LP