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Hello Colin,

My name is Nathan and Iíve been playing guitar for about three years now and love anything you and your guys do, but one thing keeps driving me nuts.How does you guitarist do the little chicken cluck noise in Chicken Wing Girl?Iíve been attempting to tab this song and just canít find the right frets.Any help would be greatly appreciated.Thank you for your time


Rock the Heavens,






†††††† Dear Nathan,Thank you for your email and query as to how we achieved the "chicken clucking" sounds on the sound recording of our internationally ignored musical composition "Little Chicken Wing Girl".


†††††† After much thought and discussion, the band and I have agreed to let you in on the closley guarded secret of how we were able to create the aformentioned "chicken clucking sounds" that you alluded to in the email you sent to me dated 7/13/2006.


†††††† Please do not divuldge what I am about to tell you to anyone as it is a highly coveted band secret....We achieved the "chicken clucking sounds" on "Little Chicken Wing Girl" by poking a live chicken with a drum stick that was dipped in lighter fluid, lit on fire, and periodlically jabbed into the side of the fowl at precisely the exact right moment when the "cluck" was needed. Sure we could have done it once or twice and then looped the pre-recorded "cluck" in post production, but we wanted do do everything "live in the studio".This turned out to be quite challenging and fun as the yardbird actually got away from us a few times and had to be re-captured. There is nothing funnier than seeing a bunch of stoned and drunk musicians running around a recording studio with a flaming drum stick diving on a crazed chicken!


†††††† We stole the chicken from a farm located near the Suma recording studios in Painesville, Ohio. I am sure any chicken would do, but the sound you are going to achieve may be different from that which is on our compact disc. I don't recall the size, weight or make of the drum stick so try several. The sound you achieve is a matter of personal preference.The lighter fluid / accelerant was Zippo brand as was the lighter.


†††††† The chicken was one of average girth and size. I remember we nicknamed him "Foghorn". After we recorded the song we killed the chicken, cooked him and served him to the band & crew along with jo jo fries and corn on the cob. I also remember that we were able to salvage the wish bone. We all gathered together in a circle and made a wish and broke the bone. Thus far our wish and dream of a major record label deal has gone unfulfilled, but we enjoyed our dinner and got a great sound for the song!


†††††† I hope this helps you. Good luck with your guitar playing. Thank you for listening to our music and thank you for your query.





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